Halloween is upon us here in the US and that means buying and consuming massive amounts of candy. Much of this candy contains an ingredient that is wreaking havoc on the planet, specifically on the rainforests of Indonesia.  That ingredient is palm oil and it’s not only in chocolate but also in snack foods, soaps, […]

A what?  Most people have probably never heard of a Cuvier’s beaked whale let alone  seen one.  So why are we talking about these elusive whales?  Well, I’m fortunate to have friends who do some pretty cool stuff and my friend Jenny Trickey is no exception.  She’s a whale acoustician (she listens to whale sounds) […]

Plastic free.  Eco -friendly.  Sustainable.  Go green.  All of these words and phrases sound great, but how do you go about implementing them?  There’s lots of information out there about what NOT to do, but I think we need more info about what TO do.  I don’t like to say “Don’t use this brand!” or […]

In November of 2015 I had the pleasure of traveling to the Brazilian Amazon in search of the pink dolphin, also known as the Boto.  I went as part of a trip put together by the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation.  This organization was founded by a colleague and friend of mine named Suzanne Smith with the […]

This past August I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday in Cancun with friends and whale sharks.  It hardly gets better than that!  The video below explains a little bit about whale sharks and responsible swim programs.   We went with Mexico Whale Shark tours and had a great experience.  The captain was adamant about […]

The vaquita, which means little cow in Spanish, is the world’s smallest porpoise and the most endangered marine mammal in the world.  It is estimated that here are only 60 of these individuals left on the planet.  Their range is quite small as they only inhabit the upper part of the Gulf of California.  The […]

Bees are nature’s most prolific pollinators.  The stats on how much of our American agriculture is dependent on bees is widely debated.  One thing that is consistent, though, is that bees do pollinate or assist with pollinating some of the foods we consume on a regular basis.  It is estimated that anywhere between $15 billion-$131 […]

I have been fortunate enough to go on some pretty great whale watches.  I’ve seen Humpback whales off Cape Cod, MA and Monterey, CA.  I’ve see Gray whales off Dana Point, CA, and Orcas off the San Juan Islands in Washington state.  However, I always do my best to pick a whale watching company that […]

I have been wanting to grow my own food for years now but was never in the right set up to do it.  But now I am!  I don’t have any dirt to plant in but that didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you either!  That’s why this video is about container and raised […]

AKA I have 1000 worms in my kitchen!