Eco -friendly Made Easy

Plastic free.  Eco -friendly.  Sustainable.  Go green.  All of these words and phrases sound great, but how do you go about implementing them?  There’s lots of information out there about what NOT to do, but I think we need more info about what TO do.  I don’t like to say “Don’t use this brand!” or “Don’t use this product!” without at least giving you an alternative.  I know it’s much easier for me to make eco-friendly decisions when people recommend products I should buy instead or actions I should take.  So with that in mind, this video shows you 10 things I do on a daily basis or products that I use to make eco-friendly easy.

You may have noticed two things in that video.  First, I only listed 9 things, not 10.  Second, did you see my awesome dog, Marzipan, make a cameo appearance in the background?

Since I owe you one, here’s one more eco-friendly tip for you.  Use glass , stainless steel or bamboo straws instead of plastic ones.  You can even take them with you in this handy straw sleeve. In addition to these 10 things, I also have a vermicomposter, drive a hybrid vehicle, make my own toner, toothpaste, body scrub, and cleaning products, shop vintage or invest in long lasting clothing items, and shop at farmers markets.  This list could go on an on which is a good thing.  It means that making your home more eco-friendly is easier than you might think!

If you have any other eco-friendly tips that you use on a daily basis, please leave them in the comments below!




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