Amazon River Dolphins

In November of 2015 I had the pleasure of traveling to the Brazilian Amazon in search of the pink dolphin, also known as the Boto.  I went as part of a trip put together by the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation.  This organization was founded by a colleague and friend of mine named Suzanne Smith with the goal of conserving the Amazon river dolphin and its environment through research, education, and collaboration.  In this video, we’ll learn a few facts about the dolphins of the Amazon and we’ll chat with Suzanne about the the plight facing these animals and the Amazon as a whole.


Facts and Information

For more details about the botos, you can visit this page.  For more facts about the tucuxi, click here.  Suzanne referenced the legend of the Boto, which is such an interesting story.  Read all about this fascinating legend of the shape shifting dolphin!

Travel to the Amazon!

If you’re interested in traveling to the Amazon with this organization, here is a compilation video that was put together by one of my fellow travelers.  I highly recommend going on this trip.  If you like wildlife, you’ll love the Amazon.  The trip was so easy.  The boat has comfortable cabins with bathrooms, a bar, and a top deck which is the perfect spot to have a caipirinha!

Have questions about the trip?  Comment below or send me an email at


Boto in the forest photo- Source:  Photographer:Kevin Schafer

Tucuxi photo – Source: Ocean Treasures Memorial Library

Habitat range photo – Habitat range

Boto Photo – Photographer: Cindy Sekula Griffiths

Video – Corey Griffiths


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