Your Very Own Veggie Garden!

I have been wanting to grow my own food for years now but was never in the right set up to do it.  But now I am!  I don’t have any dirt to plant in but that didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you either!  That’s why this video is about container and raised bed gardening.


We tried to look for used raised bed planters and containers on craigslist, but there weren’t any cheap or affordable ones that we could find, which was surprising to me.  So instead we got these.  The super fun and colorful plastic containers were from Lowe’s and were a good deal at just under $10 each.  We bought our seeds in bulk from a great local nursery called City Farmers Nursery in San Diego.  I love this place and I support local businesses whenever possible.  However, if you want to do something really special with your garden, why not grow heirloom veggies?  Here is’s list of the 10 best heirloom seed companies.

This is my first time trying to grow veggies and I certainly don’t have a green thumb.  If that describes you, too, I hope you still give this a try.  Better tasting, pesticide free food can be yours for a fraction of what you pay for it in the supermarket.  If you already have a garden, I hope you share any good gardening tips and tricks you have!



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