AKA I have 1000 worms in my kitchen! Watch the video below to get a brief introduction to composting with worms.  It’s wicked cool and easy! Bear with me I’m still learning how to edit videos!


I got my 5 tray Worm Factory vermicomposter here.  Before you get started with your composter make sure you watch the enclosed video or read all of the instructions carefully.   They will cover a few important rules you need to know to make your composting a success Those rules will be addressed in the DVD or booklet.

You can find more information about worm composting in general on this website.  If you want to know more about why worm composting is so good for your plants and the environment check out this page!

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  1. […] even take them with you in this handy straw sleeve. In addition to these 10 things, I also have a vermicomposter, drive a hybrid vehicle, make my own toner, toothpaste, body scrub, and cleaning products, shop […]


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